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What Is Permanent Eyeliner?

You always want to look your best from the moment you wake up to when you go to sleep at night. But that's only possible in the movies — or is it?

With permanent eyeliner or lash enhancement, you look like you're ready for the cameras before you've even splashed some water on your face. You'll always have that touch of makeup on without having to apply it every day or needing to take it off at night.

Ready to have all your questions about permanent eyeliner answered? Read through our most frequently asked questions to know everything you need to about this beauty treatment.

How Does a Permanent Eyeliner Procedure Work?

The procedure is performed similarly to a tattoo, but the ink is specifically designed for the eyes. The pigment also isn't placed as deep in the skin as a tattoo — only just under the top layer. Most report that the procedure is merely uncomfortable, and you'll hardly feel a thing through the numbing cream.

Does Permanent Eyeliner Always Look Good?

Unlike the makeup you put on each morning, this treatment won't smudge, end up with crooked lines, or cause problems when you go for a swim. Whether you're just waking up in the morning or emerging from the ocean, your eyes will always look great.

Is Permanent Eyeliner Safe?

Permanent eyeliner, along with other permanent makeup, is considered safe. Of course, if you are predisposed to suffering from complications, you should avoid treatments like this. Examples of conditions that shouldn't have the procedure include those who suffer from skin irritation such as eczema.

For everyone else, the best way to avoid any complications is straightforward: find a reliable, trusted technician. When you work with an industry professional who is committed to cleanliness and doing a great job, the risks are very low of any problems arising.

Does Permanent Eyeliner Come in Different Colors?

You're not limited to just one style or color when you schedule an appointment for permanent eyeliner. Certain shades will be a better choice than others, depending on your preference, skin color, and eye color.

So, for example, a fair-haired, blue-eyed woman may find that black is too harsh for everyday wear. You can also select a more subtle color that can be covered for more formal occasions.

Not sure which color would look best on you? Ask your makeup artist for their opinion before you touch a needle.

Discover the World of Permanent Makeup

Does this sound like the answer to all your makeup woes? Then speak with a technician and get the “always perfect makeup” look you want for yourself.

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