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Is Microblading safe?

Microblading is vastly becoming one of the most popular eyebrow treatments out there today. By using a small blade with 10 to 12 micro needles attached, hair like strokes are scratched into the skin. The pigment is then deposited directly into the strokes to mimic eyebrow hairs. This technique creates fine and realistic looking eyebrows and Emma Baglee also agrees that this method is the most natural in appearance, especially despite being artificially created or enhanced.

The procedure takes upward of 2 hours. Most people report that they feel minor pressure or discomfort, but this depends on each individual person’s pain tolerance. At the end of the day, you are having hundreds of tiny cuts into your skin. Numbing cream is used to minimise the pain as much as possible. The worst part that people have mentioned is the sound. When the handheld tool is scratching the hair like strokes into the skin, you can hear crunching and scratching sounds.

The process may feel a little like your eyebrows are irritated or burned, this can be worse when cuts are made on top or close to the existing cuts. The feeling should quickly wear off as soon as the strokes begin the scab over.

So now we know the procedure and how it may make you feel, is microblading safe?

YES! Microblading is absolutely a safe procedure if everything is done correctly. It is less invasive that traditional tattooing, but like any procedure that breaks the skin, there will always be risks.

The Risks

• Infection – This is probably the most probable risk. Infections can be caused very easily; it is so important to ensure there is no contamination of the equipment. It is important to not only find a professional in that line of work but also to research them. Checking their reviews and testimonials will help you find the correct person to perform your microblading. You want to make sure they are following the standard safety procedures such disposable needles, gloves and that the whole studio is sterile, to minimize the possibility of infection.

• Allergy – Although it is rare, it is always possible to have an allergic reaction to the pigment. Cosmetic pigment is made mostly of natural products, this should make it difficult to be allergic to it, but not impossible.

• Keloids – This is when scars may grow bigger than normal. Although keloids do not usually happen on the face, if this is something you have experienced before and are prone to then it is advised that you do not get microblading.

• Granulomas – These are inflammatory knots that appear around the treated area, this is the bodies way of trying to fight the pigment due to it been a foreign substance in the body. These can happen immediately but may also not appear until years later. Sarcoidosis is when you get multipole knots.

Microblading is a safe procedure, if you put in the work the find the best most professional permanent makeup artist you can. They need to be licensed and fully trained, having an extensive background in microblading.

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